Charity’s video to send important message


Local charity Got Your Back Sista will launch a new video this White Ribbon Day (Friday 22 November) to bring awareness to domestic violence.

“The video is sending an important message to the community that anyone who is experiencing domestic violence has our support,” Got Your Back Sista founder Melissa Histon says.

“We all stand behind people who are experiencing domestic violence and we want them to know that it is not acceptable.”

The charity has joined forces with City of Newcastle, the Hunter and Newcastle White Ribbon Committee and other organisations to complete the project.

Through the partnership, the charity hopes to spread its message even further.

“[We] really wanted to show the organisation’s commitment to educating the community about domestic violence,” Ms Histon adds.

“The first step in creating change and ending domestic violence is to use our voices and raise awareness.”

In an exciting new development, the charity’s logo will be featured on 22-year-old Supercars driver Brenton Grove’s car during the Newcastle 500, which goes from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 November.

Ms Histon says Got Your Back Sista is grateful to Mr Grove and his team.

“He’d previously supported the White Ribbon Foundation and I think the fact that he chose to support a community organisation shows real maturity, commitment to community, and the importance of our message,” she says.

In October, White Ribbon Australia announced it would close its doors after going into liquidation.

It had sought to raise awareness about domestic violence by appointing men as White Ribbon ambassadors since its establishment in 2007.

Ms Histon says it is a sad loss.

“They did really great work, especially around working with and educating people in schools, workplaces and communities,” she says.

Despite the loss, Got Your Back Sista is looking at ways to help fill the void.

“Got Your Back Sista believes in campaigning and education to make a change – we need to keep talking about [domestic violence] because violence thrives in silence,” Ms Histon says.

White Ribbon Day will still go ahead, as will the fight to end domestic violence.

Visit for more information about its work.

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