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New pet business to help say goodbye

When Kevin McCormick and his family lost 11-year-old staffie ‘Wynstan’ earlier this year, they lost more than just a pet. Wynstan had been a special member of their family since he was a...

How to care for your pets in winter

With many pet parents working from home, fur babies are likely to be spending more time indoors. While pets can be a source of comfort, it’s important to take care of their...

Dog delight

Some of the city’s furry friends can now roam free in its first fenced off-leash dog park. The new facility at Acacia Avenue Reserve, North Lambton, was officially opened last week, with dogs...

Palace fit for a pooch

The cold weather can be especially taxing on pets, making this pooch palace, courtesy of Dulux, the perfect long weekend DIY project. “Structures like kennels and dog beds can often seem clunky and...

City’s first fenced dog park

Newcastle’s first fenced dog park will be built in North Lambton as part of a 10-year plan to cater for more than 44,000 registered canines in the city’s local government area. The 1.5-hectare...

Keeping pets safe

According to RSPCA NSW, more pets go missing during storms and fireworks than at any other time. There are many reasons our pets might become anxious during a storm, including the fear of...
First National Altitude
First National Altitude