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Sunday, July 5, 2020
Winten (No 23) PTY LTD
Winten (No 23) PTY LTD
Oak Tree Retirement Village
Oak Tree Retirement Village

Sluggish and heavier: How to beat the effects of isolation

After several months in COVID-19 lockdown, it seems many of us have been left feeling sluggish and a little heavier than we...

Keeping mentally fit

This week, columnist Stephen Smith from Merewether Fitness Studio, wants you to know that it is okay not to be okay.

Tips to staying safe and warm this winter

Being winter ready is not just about donning extra layers. According to the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC), winter...

Exercise is for everyone

Do you think exercise is not for you? Well, new columnist Stephen Smith from Merewether Fitness Studio wants you to think again.

Getting your skin winter-ready

Dropping temperatures, diminishing humidity, heaters, cold wind and hot showers all mean winter has arrived. While reaching for...

Exploring music, art and dying

People who want to explore and talk more about the sensitive and somewhat taboo topic of death and dying can now do...

Exercises for kids

With the new school term under way, and it looking like the kids will be home schooled for some of it, it’s...

Exercises for training at home

As we enter uncharted waters, it’s important to try and keep your health, fitness and families a priority. If you have to...

Techniques to stay active at home

With many people now self-isolating and social distancing at home, the need to stay active is as great as ever.

Sowing the seeds at new library

An exciting partnership in Maitland will promote mental health, save food cultures, and celebrate seasonality. The new Maitland Seed Library...

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