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Bring the outside inside


With many people spending more time at home these days, we’re increasingly looking to natural building materials, such as timber and stone, to help create a deeper connection to earth and nature inside our homes.

Mimic nature with materials and patterns

Biophilic design focuses on aspects of the natural world that has contributed to human health and productivity.

Incorporate biophilic design into your home by using natural materials such as wood and stone and choosing earthy textures and colours.

Accentuate natural lighting to bring the element in and bolster your mood.

Be inspired by biomorphic shapes (forms found in nature) when styling your home and add live plants throughout your home for fresh, clean, indoor air.

Design holistically

An all-encompassing holistic approach to sustainable design, style and functionality will bring a sense of health and wellness into your home.

Timber manufacturer, Big River Group’s general manager John Lorene said the materials surrounding us on a daily basis are critical to our mood, and the beauty and uniqueness of wood is being embraced for this reason.

“With an increase in apartment living and smaller house footprints, we are seeing a rise in the use of decorative timbers on walls and ceilings being specified as part of the design element to enhance the living space,” he says.

Integrate your furniture with timber

The sky is the limit when using timber in the home. 

It can be used on interior walls, ceilings and cabinetry, window reveals, kitchen carcasses and joinery, wall panelling and flooring – even custom furniture.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options; consult an expert to get the right timber and ensure a consistent high-quality finish, and a spectacular home that blends beautifully into its natural surroundings.

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