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Bring out your individuality


There have been comments over the last few years that I probably have a great garden.

Not really, although I believe gardens should reflect individuality – our taste in colour and needs, not just created from glossy mags.

We often have a love of a particular plant, but I’m not suggesting that it is wise to plant one of every plant that takes your fancy, as this will certainly result in an overgrown mess.

For example: my own garden is maturing and although I’m happy with the result, there are times that gardens need changes and adjustments.  

When my home was under construction, my grandchildren, then all under four, influenced my garden needs.

My first choice was a cubby house and it was prominent on the front lawn, as was Clare, Tom and Luisa’s vegetable garden, which now has given me space to plant standard ‘Ellena’ roses. In the cubby house’s place, I have a row of standard ‘Catalpa’ standards planted along the lawn, which is bordered by hedges of Golden Durantas.

The Magnolia Little Gem I planted along the driveway are now fully grown, although this summer has been harsh to them. 

Although my front garden isn’t large, bordering each bed with Japanese Box hedges had united all the different beds and softened the concrete driveways.

Bringing the garden up to date, I have planted in a small front bed a Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ and two ‘Iceberg’ standard roses.

When creating a new garden or even zapping up the old, remember the birds and well-loved cats and dogs who like soil to dig in and grass for morning ablutions. Hence, I keep planting new grevilleas along my back fence which relies on rain for water, as the honeyeaters and rosellas are regular visitors.

The moral of this column is to seek advice what to plant where, but remember it is your home and garden to enjoy.


*  Well now is certainly time to take advantage of the recent rain. If you have already fertilised the lawn, throw light handfuls of lime over the lawn to sweeten the soil after the rain.

*  I am surprised that the lawn grub is invading now but do remember to re-apply grub killer in 10 days’ time.

*  Roses will love a handful of Dolomite to replace elements lost after recent rain.

* Certainly, prepare garden beds with poultry manure ready for planting pansies, but please wait until March when the humidity has eased.

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