Boomers’ impact on the fitness industry


According to columnist Stephen Smith, from Merewether Fitness Studio, “60 is the new 40”. In this week’s column, he discusses the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation’s impact on the fitness industry.

In Australia, post-World War II, there was a massive boom in the birth rate due to couples returning to family life after the disruption of the war.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the fertility rate peaked at 3.5 during this period. The fertility rate in 2019 was 1.822.

If you were born between 1946 and 1965 then you are a part of this ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.

Through sheer weight of numbers, your generation has had a huge influence on shaping the culture of our society right through the latter stages of the 20th Century until today.

Your generation was, in fact, largely responsible for the 1980s fitness boom and, right now, the fitness industry is seeing large numbers of you return to the fold. So much so, that approximately 80% of my clients are now boomers.

Owner and Head Trainer at Merewether Fitness Studio, Stephen Smith.

In my 18 years’ of experience in the industry, it is not just the health benefits that has your cohort hitting the gym.

A huge motivator is the passion to maintain current lifestyle and activity levels well into the golden years. Pursuits such as adventure, travel, golf, surfing, and dancing are very popular.

Another big motivator is the social interaction one gets by joining a group class.

The saying “50 is the new 40” has been around for a while. With what I am seeing in the gym with your generation right now, it’s more like: “60 is the new 40!”

By exercising and eating well, you can turn back the years, and participate once again in activities you thought were behind you or just keep up with the grandkids.

Let’s not forget either, the health benefits of reducing the majority of the risk factors associated with chronic disease.

Exercise truly is for everyone, just don’t leave it until it is too late.

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