Book talk: Science fiction and fantasy


This week, Michael Popple checks out three new impressive science fiction and fantasy novels. You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog:

Star Wars: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed

Del Rey, $32.99

Following the battle of Endor, an elite squadron of TIE fighters, Shadow Wing, is causing chaos throughout the galaxy. In response, the New Republic has formed Alphabet Squadron, a mismatched group of pilots and ships, to hunt them down. However, their latest attempt to trap Shadow Wing leads to betrayal and tragedy, threatening to crumble the squadron from within. This is an excellent sequel to last year’s Alphabet Squadron and continues the series of gritty tales set in the aftermath of the original Star Wars trilogy. Containing a fantastic story, exciting combat sequences and several compellingly damaged characters, Shadow Fall is a great read.

Queen of Storms by Raymond E. Feist

Harper Voyager, $39.99

Legendary fantasy author Raymond E. Feist returns with an outstanding second entry in his new series, The Firemane Saga. Spies Hatu and Hava have settled down in the town of Beran’s Hill, where they have befriended talented blacksmith Declan. However, war is coming to Beran’s Hill, and its terrible consequences will see all three embrace their different destinies with the fate of the world in the balance. This was another brilliant outing from Feist, who has once more produced a powerful and creative story. Filled with action, extensive world building and characters finding their destiny, this is a very enjoyable novel.

Demon in White by Christopher Ruocchio

Gollancz, $32.99

In the far future, the Empire is at war with the alien Cielclin, a powerful civilisation determined to annihilate everyone. Humanity’s only hope may be adventurer Hadrian Marlowe, who has gained influence and infamy throughout the galaxy. However, fame has a cost, and Marlowe soon finds himself targeted by enemies within the Empire. The third book in the expansive Sun Eater series, this is another amazing science fiction epic that continues the elaborate narrative from the previous two novels. With a distinctive gothic setting and a compelling plot about a doomed protagonist, this is an incredible and highly recommended read.

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