Book talk: Recent releases for lockdown


This week Michael Popple checks three great recent releases to read during your coronavirus lockdown.  You can find more of Michael’s book reviews on his blog,

Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements

recent releases book cover of hitlers secret

Zaffre, $29.99

1941, Hitler’s Germany is at the height of its power, and Cambridge history professor Tom Wilde wants to help bring it down. Enlisted into a top-secret mission, Wilde is smuggled into Germany to recover a package, one that could have massive consequences for Hitler. Trapped behind enemy lines, Wilde learns the full horror of Hitler’s secret, and now he must survive to protect it.

The fourth book in Clements’ Tom Wilde series, Hitler’s Secret is an impressive historical thriller, with a captivating story and an evocative setting. Thrilling and hard to put down, it is well worth checking out.

Gathering Dark by Candice Fox

Bantam, $32.99

Blair Harbour was once a respected surgeon in Los Angeles, until she murdered someone. Recently paroled and trying to keep her nose clean, she finds herself dragged into trouble when her former cellmate, Sneak Lawlor, begs her to help save her daughter. Blair must turn to two unlikely allies to survive, underworld figure Ada Maverick and the cop who arrested her, Detective Jessica Sanchez.

This is an entertaining stand-alone crime fiction novel from Australian author Candice Fox. Fox crafts an electrifying story around four fantastic female characters, and the result is a clever and extremely enjoyable read.

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas

Bloomsbury, $29.99

Bryce Quinlan was a half-Fae party girl, living it up in Crescent City, until her best friend was brutally killed by a demon. Two years later, a string of similar murders occur, and Bryce is coerced into investigating them. Teaming up with the dangerous fallen angel, Hunt Athalar, Bryce begins to explore the city’s dark underside. But is she truly prepared for the secrets and hurt she is about to uncover?

This is a massive adult fantasy masterpiece from an extremely talented author. Featuring an amazing story, an outstanding new fantasy world and some very complex characters, this book is highly recommended.

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