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BOOK TALK: New releases coincide with International Women’s Day


Michelle Obama, Turia Pitt, Julia Gillard and Kemi Kekvapil are among the names of authors who make up a list of reads to help celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day.

Under the banners of empowerment, leadership, finding one’s identity and overcoming mental health and adversity are published works designed to salute the role of women in society and offer tips on finding an inner strength.

The Newcastle Weekly has compiled a list of new releases we think fit the bill.

Power by Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil knows the feelings of fear, vulnerability and powerlessness. In POWER, she provides the tools to navigate the challenges that impact who we are and how we live, from discrimination and burnout, to trauma and self-doubt. 

Through her examination of gender, race and self-doubt, Kemi explains how learning to make her own choices and using her voice without apology were the first steps towards reclaiming her power and leading a life of true joy and fulfilment. 

Get Untamed by Glennon Doyle 

Off the back of her highly successful book Tamed published in 2020, American author Glennon Doyle has released In Get Untamed: The Journal, in which she guides readers through the process of examining the aspects of their lives that can make them feel caged. Her revolutionary method for uprooting culturally constructed ideas shows readers how to discover for themselves what it is they want to keep and what they can let burn so that they can build lives by design instead of default. 

The Gift of Asking by Kemi Nekvapil 

‘If you struggle to say no or ask for what you want or need, this book is for you’. That is the introduction to Kemi Nekvapil’s latest offering according to its publishing house. 

As a highly successful speaker/facilitator with a string of positive testimonials to her name, Kemi teaches in her book that women are allowed to ask for more. 

From her observations she says many women struggle to make requests that would help them, whether in their personal or professional lives, for fear that they’ll seem greedy, selfish or undeserving. In The Gift of Asking, executive and personal coach Kemi Nekvapil breaks down cultural myths around asking, and teaches readers how to own their wants and needs, to ask confidently for what they want and to say no. 

Happy (and Other Ridiculous Aspirations) by Turia Pitt 

Happiness. Everyone wants more of it. But can you actually get happier? Inspirational Australian Turia Pitt dives into this idea, interviewing high-profile athletes, comedians, scientists and world experts to explore how everything from money to our relationships has an impact on how happy we can be. 

Women and Leadership by Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala 

An inspirational and practical book written by two high-achieving women, sharing the experience and advice of some of our most extraordinary women leaders, in their own words. Women and Leadership presents an analysis of the influence of gender on women’s access to positions of leadership, the perceptions of them as leaders, the trajectory of their leadership and the circumstances in which it comes to an end.

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

In her memoir, Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her – from her childhood to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time spent at the world’s most famous address. With unerring honesty and lively wit, she describes her triumphs and her disappointments, both public and private, telling her full story as she has lived it — in her own words and on her own terms. 

Unbreakable by Jelena Dokic and Jessica Halloran 

This is a story of Jelena Dokic’s survival. How she survived as a refugee, twice. How she survived on the tennis court to become world No. 4. But, most importantly, how she survived her father, Damir Dokic, the tennis dad from hell. From war-torn Yugoslavia to Sydney to Wimbledon, she narrates her hellish ascent to becoming one of the best tennis players in the women’s game, and her heart-breaking fall from the top. Her gutsy honesty and her will to survive is sure to inspire readers. 

You’re Doing it Wrong: A History of Bad & Bonkers Advice to Women by Kaz Cooke Renowned for her humorous take on life, Australian author, cartoonist, and broadcaster Kaz Cooke has produced yet another hilarious collection of her observations.

You’re Doing it Wrong is an outrageous tour through the centuries of bonkers and bad advice handed down and foisted upon women. With humour and rage, intelligence and wit, Kaz Cooke examines what we’re told to do (change shape, shoosh, do all the housework), and what we’re not supposed to do (frown, have pockets, lead a country). It’s also a roar against injustice, a rallying cry for sisterhood and a way for women to hopefully free themselves from ludicrous expectations and imposed perfectionism. 

Raising girls who like themselves by Kasey Edwards & Christopher Scanlon 

Discover the seven qualities that enable girls to thrive and arm themselves against a world that tells them they are flawed in this latest offering. Packed with practical, evidence-based advice, it is the indispensable guide to raising a girl who is happy and confident in herself. Free of parental guilt and grounded in research, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves is imbued with the warmth and wit of a mum and dad who are in the same parenting trenches as you, fighting for their daughters’ futures. 

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