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Belief in technique


Art Mania is a creative community hub that offers you a place to relax, unwind, meet friends and find yourself through art.

Easy to say, but do they deliver? The simple answer is yes.

Art Mania is about encouraging and supporting anyone who wants to discover the therapeutic benefits of art.

When they say everyone, that includes you, whether you are a mother looking to reclaim yourself as an individual and not just a mother.

All abilities, so whether you are a beginner or returning artist or you have a disability. All are welcomed.

It is easy to make excuses for not taking that first step. I don’t have the time, I don’t know how to do anything creative, I’m not a creative person.

Well, it is far easier to pick up the phone and book yourself in for a class than making up excuses not to. At Art Mania, we work with the belief that it’s all about the technique.

No matter what media you are working with, once you have the technique, you only need your imagination to guide you.

As for not having enough time, an Australian-based study, done by the Queensland government shows that with only two hours a week of art results in significant improvement in mental wellbeing. Imagine you have the children off at school and you are looking for something you can do for yourself. Why not come and do a class with Art Mania? Two hours with your hands buried in clay, the physical contact and the act of feeling something take shape under your fingers. Or imagine watching your ideas taking shape in glass, resin or mosaicking a tile or even an old frying pan. The only thing better than watching a beginner take those first steps to discover they do have creative bones, is being that beginner and learning what potential you haven’t been using.

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