Beautiful bedheads


For a finishing touch, or even a starting point, to your bedroom makeover, why not turn your attention to your bedhead? Bedheads bring a sense of proportion, create ambiance and can make or break your bedroom’s style.

Top 3 tips for choosing a bedhead

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting a bedhead? Heatherly Design share their top three tips to help you find the perfect piece for your bedroom.

1 – Size it right

For larger bedroom spaces, there’s scope to scale up and out. For example, in period homes with very high ceilings, a grand empire or fairy-tale style may look at home. Or for oversized, contemporary bedrooms, extra-wide bedheads that span the wall and flank the bedside tables channel the vibe of a luxe hotel. Conversely, smaller spaces need something simple. Consider a square design with a rounded, flanged edge in an organic, soft toned linen for a masterclass in understatement.

2 – Fun with fabric

Linen or velvet? Colour or print? This can be subjective, but it is worth taking the time to think about the mood you want the bedroom to project. Is it light and fresh or warm with plenty of textures? Your climate may play a big role in your decision. Lighter fabrics and tones in warmer environments will help you wind down after a hot day. A velvet bedhead in North Queensland may seem strange, however, in the middle of winter in NSW, it’s your best friend!

3 – Finish with flourish

With custom upholstered bedheads, the delight is in the detail with the choice of an array of trims, finishes and flourishes to complete the look and make a unique design statement. Consider studs, panels, contrast piping, borders, saddle stitching, chesterfield buttons or perhaps the popular and on-trend wingback style for a sophisticated, upscale look.

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