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‘Beating Heart’ a change of pace for Newy band Heddy’s Revenge


A road trip through some of the Hunter’s most iconic postcodes has become the backdrop of a journey through grief and confusion for Newcastle indie rock band Heddy’s Revenge.

From Nobbys Beach to Morpeth, Belmont and Kurri Kurri, the group’s latest film clip offers a ride through the emotions of what its members say is an all too familiar experience.

Beating Heart is an ode to those who have experienced pregnancy loss.

The song’s simple lyrics and catchy tune are the right notes to help portray the group’s message of resilience and optimism in the face of grief. 

‘Is it you that I was waiting for, is it you that I’ve been missing. I never met you, but I’ll never forget you.’

The lyrics, says the band’s guitarist Steve Beautement, stem from his own personal experience with pregnancy loss, emotions shared by other band members.

“A few of us have had a personal experience with miscarriage or pregnancy loss, but this song is also about honouring all mothers, and mothers-to-be, and mothers-who-wanted-to-be.”

Writing the song, says the father-of-four, was about remembering the children he didn’t have.

“My wife and I had a few experiences with loss during pregnancy over the years,” he says.

“Finding out you’re expecting can be one of the best, most exciting moments of your life.

“Seeing that tiny beating heart for the first time is overwhelming and beautiful. 

“When something goes wrong there is no way to describe the grief and loss for a little person you never met, but feel so deeply connected to.”

Steve says he found solace in his music. 

“Writing has always been a way for me to process stuff in my life and this was no different,” he says.

“I sat down with my guitar, and the lyrics and the music just poured out of me.”

Beating Heart is lighter in tone than the band’s usual 90s rock vibes.

A regular part of Newcastle’s live music scene in the late 90s, Heddy’s Revenge was known for its original songs, classic drumbeats and soulful lead vocals.

By the 2000s the group were forced to grow up and get real jobs but are returning as forty-somethings with a new set to share on stages across the former steel city.

“I didn’t intend for this [song] to be one of the band’s songs,” Steve admits.

“We’re usually a bit heavier than this. 

“But I played it for them and they loved it.”

The film clip was produced locally by the band and showcases much of Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie.

“We managed to hire a beautiful old EH Holden for the music video from a local legend named John Perry,” Steve told the Newcastle Weekly

“I feel like a road trip is a good metaphor for the journey of grief and recovery.”

Friday 12 August is Red Nose Day, the major fundraising and awareness campaign aimed at saving little lives and supporting families affected by pregnancy or infant loss.

Money raised from the annual event funds 24/7 support services for grief-stricken families, as well as an education program for new parents to help them keep their babies safe.

Funds also support investment in research to further determine the causes of SIDS and stillbirth.

Heddy’s Revenge drummer Libby Jones says the band’s latest song fits comfortably with the national campaign.

“As hard as it was to put such a personal story out there, it’s nice to think that even one person might connect and feel like they’re not alone going through such a difficult experience,” she said.

“We’re also really proud that our song’s message of hope and resilience aligns well with organizations like Red Nose Australia and events like Red Nose Day.”

If you are affected by loss or grief, contact the Sands/Red Nose Grief and Loss Support Line on 1300 308 307, or call Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436.

Newy 90s band release long-awaited single

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