Bathroom makeover


Home renovations continue to grow at a greater rate than new home construction, according to the Housing Industry Association. The bathroom is one of the most popular areas to renovate, so, what’s trending, and how can you get the biggest bang for your buck?

What’s hot: basins rising

According to Kohler, colour and texture are key players, in the form of terrazzo or concrete floors, lush foliage and precious metals tapware. Statement basins are also high-profile inclusions.The basin has soared from a utilitarian water receptacle to a piece of aesthetic beauty, where materials, colour, pattern and texture create a visual attraction with light and water.

Key to the look of any bathroom is a perception of space; natural materials (stone, timber, vegetation and floral design elements; and spa-like technology. Clever inclusions to increase space perception are wall-mounted fixtures, such as wall-hung toilets and floating vanities. The more floor space that can be seen, the bigger your bathroom will appear. The choice of shower is also pivotal to achieving spa-like ambience.

As with any project, do your research first. There are so many new, beautiful and technologically advanced products for the modern bathroom to suit any budget.

Refresh your bathroom for under $1,000

Highgrove Bathrooms’ Wesley Sinclair shows it can be done.

Is it a big job?
Whilst some may consider it a laborious and time-consuming area to renovate, you need not fear the bathroom. You can undertake a complete overhaul for less than $1,000 by focusing on changes you can make yourself or jobs that would require very little work from an experienced plumber.

Taps, showerheads, toilet roll holders, shelving, and even your vanity are easily swapped. Opt for a unified look or theme. You don’t have to undergo a full renovation to implement a theme for your bathroom. Consider matching shower heads, tapware and any metal elements. Brushed brass or a matte black motif will really tie your bathroom together.

Basins and countertops
Switching out key pieces such as the bathroom vanity is a sure-fire way to enhance your bathroom aesthetic. Changing up your basin or even the material of the countertop will drastically change the appearance of your bathroom, without the added price tag of some of the more expensive renovation options, such as repainting, tiling or installing a new shower frame.

Mood lighting
Transformative for any space, mood lighting is what gives the room a boutique, luxury look, elevating it far beyond a functional room that we wash in. Incorporating mood lighting doesn’t have to be a major project, like revamping your ceiling lights or knocking down the wall to install wall light fixtures can be. You can still give a memorable bathroom experience by lodging a luxe LED mirror above your vanity.