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Baby, what a dilemma for a new mum


Before I had a baby, I swear I didn’t see one parenting quote or uplifting mama meme on the internet.

If you don’t have kids, your Instagram or Facebook algorithm probably doesn’t serve them up for you either, because… why would it?

But, since having my daughter Lucia, more than eight weeks ago, I am hard-pressed to scroll past anything not in that genre.

Where once my feed was full of jewellery sales, dogs being sweet and flat-lay photos of my friends at the newest restaurant on the harbour; now every post – suggested, sponsored or otherwise – is advice and wisdom on handling the struggles of being a new parent (peppered with brands flogging adorable tiny clothes of which I want one of everything).

The best part of social media in the past few years is the shift away from filtering and skimming over life’s less than flattering moments to raw, real and honest posts about what is actually going on.

The good, the bad and the ugly (I can’t remember the last time I saw someone use the Valencia filter – go us).

I feel seen and comforted by these admissions from strangers on the internet…

Jess Farchione

I have watched countless videos captioned with something along the lines of “realistic day in the life of a new mum”, or “come with us as we survive the day with a six-month-old” or my personal favourite “#newbornnights”.

I feel seen and comforted by these admissions from strangers on the internet, and more than once have I picked up a helpful trick.

There’s no denying these videos are fantastic examples of the highs and hurdles of being a new parent but of all the content I’ve consumed in this space over the past few months, the best summation actually came from my friend Lil.

She recently popped in with her beautiful 18-month-old and as we bounced our fussing girls and tended to their respective needs, we went back and forth on the parenting challenges we’d each faced recently.

For me; it was working out how and where I could change a nappy when there wasn’t a parent’s room in the vicinity.

After managing my first mid-air change on a flight to Melbourne, my confidence was pretty high which served me well when at a local pub, I was offered a top-load washing machine as the only flat surface off the floor in lieu of any other change facilities.

I can’t wait to show Lucia the photo of her pooey nappy next to the bottle of Omo.

In Lil’s words “as a mum, you just get it done, right?” Here, here.

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