Animals bounding from shelters as pandemic sees rise in adoptions

The RSPCA has been inundated with people wanting to adopt pets. Photo: Peter Stoop

If there’s anything positive to come from the pandemic – here it is.

Animals patiently waiting for their forever homes in shelters across the state are being snapped up in record numbers.

The RSPCA has been inundated with people wanting to adopt pets to help keep them company throughout lockdown and beyond.

“The interest in pet adoptions across the state has been incredible, there is no shortage of people wanting to adopt a pet,” RSPCA NSW’s Kieran Watson told the Newcastle Weekly.

“When the lockdown first started, we saw a 30% increase in adoptions compared to the same time as last year,” he said.

In the Hunter, things are going so well there’s hardly any animals available for adoption, with their length of stays in shelters dropping dramatically.

Just 16 animals are available for adoption at the RSPCA NSW Hunter Shelter, including seven fowl, five horses, two goats, one dog, and one cat.

“Pets provide unconditional love and companionship and are also keen for a hug no matter what else is happening in the world,” Mr Watson said.

“It was heart-warming to see Australians turn to pet adoptions in lockdown as it was the perfect time for people to consider adopting as everyone in the household was home and could discuss if having a pet would work for everyone.”

With things slowly returning to normal for now, it’s important the decision to adopt is a commitment for life, not just when things are quiet at home.

“All pets should be cared for the entirety of their life, which can sometimes be 10 or 20 years, so you will need to be able to commit to them not just now but into the foreseeable future,” Mr Watson said.

“Pets require care beyond food and water, they also need grooming, medical care, exercise, mental stimulation and, of course, love.“

All animals that are available for adoption can be found online via the RSPCA NSW website.

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