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Friday, February 26, 2021

Animal sanctuary’s plea for support

Animals in the Barrington Tops are in desperate need of support as one of the places they call home is now up for sale.

Aussie Ark, an animal sanctuary located in the tops, is hoping to raise enough funds to purchase Curricabark, the wildlife refuge that needs protecting.

Operations Manager Will Hansen said it was vital to support the wildlife.

“Basically, it’s an eco-system that is not well protected or well represented elsewhere on the east coast or in Australia,” he said.

“Aussie Ark protects another four parcels of land that are completely different elevation levels in the tops.

“They are between 1,000 and 1,300 metres and this is down at the 400 to 500-metre mark.

“It’s a completely different sweet of species down there, and they need protecting.”

The ark, which has until this Friday 13 November to secure enough funds to purchase the land, is calling on the public’s support through donations.

“If the current GoFundMe campaign is successful and we get the required funding, we will purchase the land immediately,” Mr Hansen said.

“[We will] protect it by constructing a feral proof fence – this would allow us to remove the feral predators and repopulate with a whole host of small marsupials.

“Cats and foxes throughout the entirety of Australia are estimated to kill at least a million birds a night and more reptiles and even more amphibians than that.

“They don’t stop there though – they’ll attack anything.

“With the ongoing pressure of the cats and foxes, there is no other way to sustainably and permanently reintroduce these Australian native species that are completely naive and at risk of cat and fox attacks without the fence.”

Mr Hansen added the marsupials they introduce to the area
will be vital to restoring the ecosystem.

“The Parma Wallaby, the Brush-tailed rock-wallaby, Rufous Bettong, Southern brown bandicoot, Eastern Quoll and most likely the Tasmanian Devil would be released in there,” he said.

“They have been absent from that country for many decades now but if we remove the pressure and reintroduce them, they will thrive and help return the habitat and ecosystem back to how it should be.

“Over time, small marsupials can regenerate a tired ecosystem and that is what Aussie Ark intends to do.”

To donate to Aussie Ark’s fundraiser, visit its GoFundMe page.

Mr Hansen added that there were other ways to support the ark.

“Help with the awareness,” he said. “Not just of what Aussie Ark is doing but of the ecological plight that Australia is facing.

“Come and visit us in January, come and learn about what we do, share our stories, and try to get the word out by social media or any avenues you can.”

Go to the Aussie Ark website for more information about its work.