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All girls, all Zeppelin

Don’t let the fact that they’re an all-girl band fool you: Lez Zeppelin means business.

Speaking to Newcastle Weekly ahead of the band’s first Australian tour, kicking off next month, guitarist Steph Paynes threw down the gauntlet.

“People seeing us for the first time will probably have preconceived ideas about us,” she says.
“They might think we’re just a girl band doing covers, or that we’re kitschy or quirky because of our name, but I would urge [those people] to come along because you’re not going to get what you expect.”

Established by Paynes about 14 years ago, Lez Zeppelin is a high-energy, no-holds-barred rock tribute to its namesake.

The quartet, also starring Joan Chew on bass and keyboard, Lisa Squires on drums and Marlaine Angelides on vocals, has been hailed by SPIN Magazine as “the most powerful all-female band in rock history”.

They’ve played more than 800 dates between 2004 and 2018 for audiences of up to 40,000, including at international festivals such as Bonnaroo, Voodoo and Isle of Wight.

Being such a tour de force can get exhausting, but Paynes says just 30 seconds on the stage can change everything.

“When you’re on the road and you’re tired, you think, “How am I going to go out there and muster the energy to perform?’” she says.
“But a funny thing happens when you step onto the stage, especially with this kind of music; it’s like you’re under it’s spell, and then you’re casting it’s spell.
“Within 30 to 60 seconds you’re in the zone.”

The band dives deep on the Led Zeppelin catalogue, savouring the most challenging songs and performing them in their own electrifying way.

Lez Zeppelin takes to the stage at Lizotte’s Newcastle on Thursday 28 March.

For bookings, phone 4956 2066.

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