Accessory must-haves


Accessories can make or break an outfit. These staple items will help you stay on trend.  


Belts are both practical and stylish. Wearing one can add some extra charm to your look and give you more shape. Owning a staple black or brown belt will help you take your outfits to a new level.

Webbing Belt, Stitch and Hide $20.95

A watch

Keep yourself on time and add a subtle colour or shine to your outfit by wearing a watch. Hot tip: if you buy one with a changeable band, you’ll be able to match it with any look.

Jacqueline Silver Bracelet Strap, Fossil $199


A good quality handbag is a staple for almost every woman, it holds all the essential items you need in day-to-day life while adding to your outfit. Investing in a high-quality bag will ensure it lasts while elevating your look.

Rein Bag, Black Pebble and Gold, Glue Store $59.95


Sunglasses are a great way to add to an outfit while protecting your eyes. Choose a classic round, wayfarer or cat eye frame and a colour that matches your outfit to stand out in the crowd.

Brown Shani Sunglasses, Sportsgirl $39.95

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are making a comeback. Scrunchies, hair slides and clips should be added to your daily style.   

Uplifting Scrunchie, Lululemon $9