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Thursday, January 28, 2021

A reminder for parents as school returns

With children heading back to school this week, we’re being reminded 40 zones and kiss and ride areas are back in place.

Lake Macquarie City Council’s Manager Environmental Regulation and Compliance, Derek Poulton and his team are working with local schools to ensure children are kept safe.

“Due to social distancing restrictions limiting capacity on our public transport system, we have noticed more parents are relying on their vehicles for school drop-off and pick-up,” he said.

“The safety of all children is our number one priority and we would like to remind everyone about the correct parking rules,” Mr Poulton said.

Mr Poulton said often drivers could feel rushed during the busy school drop-off and pick-up periods and this could lead to some parking illegally.

“If a pick-up or drop-off area is full, or if you need to park and there are no spaces available, look a little further along the road for a park and walk to pick up your children,” he said.

The council is encouraging road users to allow enough time for school drop-offs and pick-ups, obey all parking signs, and to adhere to the speed limit within the school zone to avoid unnecessary risk and fines.

Lake Macquarie Rangers will be increasing patrols around local schools during Term 3 to monitor illegal parking and safety issues.

Here are some reminders:

School zones – 40km per hour apply from 8am – 9.30am and 2.30pm – 4pm

No stopping – You cannot stop here unless there is a medical or other emergency

Bus zone – You cannot stop here unless you are driving a bus

No parking – You can stop here for two minutes only to drop-off or pick-up and the driver must stay within three metres of your vehicle

Kiss and Ride zones – Some schools have ‘kiss and ride’ or ‘drop-off and pick-up zones’ for children in ‘No Parking’ zones. If your school has a program in place, remember to always drop off or pick up your child from the designated zone and follow the school’s procedures. You can stop in a kiss and ride area for two minutes only to pick up passengers and you must stay within three metres of the vehicle.

Pedestrian crossings – You cannot stop within 20 metres before or 10 metres after a pedestrian crossing unless there is a control sign permitting parking

Double parking – You cannot stop on the road alongside other vehicles at any time to drop-off or pick-up.

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