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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A big ‘thank you’ from the donkey sanctuary

Earlier this month, the Newcastle Weekly brought you the story of the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary that was in desperate need of financial help to stay afloat.

We can happily report that you heard its plea and generously responded.

“I ran out of medical wraps and then the day I said we needed them people must have rang and bought them for us,” Sandy Kokas-Magnusson said.

Nestled in the hills of Glen William in the Lower Hunter Valley, between Clarence Town and Dungog, the sanctuary cares for 81 donkeys, and the wintery weather brings an increase in health problems.

“We have a lot of leg injuries and foot abscesses from the rain, their feet become soft and, when they step on sticks and stones, they get bruised hooves, which form abscesses that have to be wrapped,” Sandy said.

It means the new medical supplies couldn’t have come at a better time, however, more is still needed, including bandages, iodine, saline, surgical scissors, syringe and swabs.

“We are very grateful, we have also had two people ring up to want to become volunteers and they will come out in following weeks and see how they can offer help,” Sandy said.

In sad news, the sanctuary has lost one of its loved ones, with Petal the donkey passing away.

Petal had severe asthma and was also acting as a nanny to a baby donkey who was abandoned by its mother.

“She struggled with her breathing even though she was on medication and her little heart just couldn’t cope and she died of a heart attack in my arms,” Sandy said.

“I’m still devastated because I can’t believe it’s actually happened but these things do happen, even though she had the best of care.

“It really rocked us to our core because it wasn’t expected but we did know her heart was struggling because she was panting trying to get air into her lungs.”

If you can help the sanctuary, visit its Facebook page.

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